Troubleshooting Steps For Wolfson Wm8960 Audio Codec

Feb 23, 2022 English

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    This is a sound HAT card designed for Raspberry Pi, with ultra-low power consumption, support for stereo encoding/advertising, Hi-Fi playback/recording, and more, it can directly drive speakers to play music.



  • Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO expansion connector, allows you to use the Raspberry Pi board series.
  • Includes WM8960 low power processor codec, I2S communication.
  • Includes two high-quality MEMS silicone microphones, supports left and desired two-channel recording, excellent sound quality.
  • Standard 3.5mm headphone jack,

  • Integrated music playback via external headphones
  • Built-in two-channel speaker interface, straight speakers
  • Supports various sound effects such as stereo surround, audio, 3D, etc.
  • with

  • Supplied financial development guide and (ready to play/write Python demo code)
  • Specifications

  • CODEC: WM8960
  • Power supply: 5V
  • Logic voltage: 3.3V
  • Control interface: I2C
  • Audio interface: I2S
  • DAC signal-to-noise ratio: 98 dB
  • ADC signal-to-noise ratio: 94 dB
  • Headphone driver: 40 mW (16 ohms at 3.3 V)
  • Speaker: 1W per channel (8 ohm BTL)
  • Dimensions

    Developer Resources

    Here’s each of my feedback on porting the WM8960 audio codec to a Linux BSP. I know this driver isn’t always perfect. If we find that a driver is unreliable anywhere, please let us know.driver

    This one is based entirely on wm8960.c in L3.0.35 Linux BSP. This document discusses how to easily change the codec driver. The audio codec driver is located in linux/sound/soc/codec/wm8960 in.c.

    The audio codec driver is based on Configure for all alsa above. See:


    Based on the input and output diagrams, we can structure the commands for whatever we hope the driver will be. Controls such as volumes, modifications, PGA controls and further use. All controls can be used in Alsamixer below.

    SOC_DOUBLE_R_TLV(“Playback volumePCM DAC Maintenance”, WM8960_LDAC, WM8960_RDAC, 0, 252, 0, dac_tlv), //LDACVOL RDACVOL

    SOC_DOUBLE_R_TLV(“CAN PCM data acquisition volume”, , WM8960_LADC, WM8960_RADC, 0, 252, 0, adc_tlv), //LADCVOL, RADCVOL

    SOC_SINGLE_TLV(“PGA LB2LOVOL bypass due to left boost”, WM8960_BYPASS1, 4, 7, one single, bypass_tlv), RB2ROVOL-Bypass //lb2lovol

    wolfson wm8960 audio codec

    soc_single_tlv(“pga from Right 4, boost”, wm8960_bypass2, 7, 1, bypass_tlv), //rb2rovol

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    – The name of this command was “Switch PCM Playback -6dB”.

    -Wm8960 to WM8960_DACCTL1 register. (Address 0x5, register wm8960 specifically in .h)

    -: “7” The 8th bit of the DACCTL1 register is used to enable/disable the 6 dac dB pad.

    In this example, the volume control on the left port changes from (-17.25000000 dB) to 111111 (+30 dB) in 0.75 dB steps. There are 63 Au stages in total.

    0: task starts 0 from c. In the case of the volume control, the first thing to do is “mute”, then the step starts from 1. You change the position number to 1.

    ex: 0000 0000 digital volume control Ist dac.Ist is

    soc_double_r From the SOC_SINGLE stereo version. can you control it left channel and smart at the same time.

    Where control options are typically text, users can use SOC_ENUM for those options.

    wolfson wm8960 audio codec

    Once we’ve all created the tires, we can startcreating a master switch.Next

    The generated switches correspond to the input and output schemes. I used the same name somewhere in the tech documentation for each switch. It’s much easier to find the best alsamixer switcher.

    The path goes from right to left, for example: “switch”, “target”, “source”

    “Left mixer”, output “<-LD2LO", "Left DAC",

    “Right mixer”, output “<-RD2RO", "Right DAC",

    “Left HP PGA”, NULL, “Left output mixer”,

    “Right PGA HAP”, NULL, “Right output mixer”,

    On linux, you will probably run alsamixer to turn the nos switches on and off and adjust the volume.

    (This is a Visualization example for alsamixer or other codecs, not for many wm8960)

    In Alsamixer use “M” to turn on/off each switch and arrow keys to control volume.used

    wm8960_hw_params: to set the PCM format (16bit/24bit) etc. depth. alc_rates. together.

    wm8960_set_dai_fmt: Applies to master/slave set type, DSP set interface format (i2s, left-right and justified), and clock inversion setting.

    wm8960_set_dai_clkdiv: useclk set delimiter to read DACDIV, ADCDIV, BCLKDIV, etc.

    In the wm8960_set_dai_pll indicator, we need to correctly specify the PLL values.

    According to the table, if > mclk is 14.4, every 2 corresponds to sysclk divisor scaling. So before looking for pll_factors.Now drivers, set sysclk Prescaler to two.

    Two names are important to me. There is one codec name dai. The name is “wm8960”. Make sure this dai codec name matches the dai codec name used in Imx-wm8960 file.c.

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