Steps To Troubleshoot Windows 8 Control Panel Network Connection Problems

Dec 3, 2021 English

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    It looks like some of our readers have encountered an error code when using network connections from Control Panel in Windows 8. This issue occurs for a number of reasons. Let’s discuss some of them below. Select Network and Sharing Center.Click Change Adapter Settings.Press the Alt key to open the menu and look above the list of network connections.


    In this article, we would like to learn how to resolve connectivity issues when unplugging and re-enabling the group adapter. Thus, according to our needs, we can turn on or off the wired Ethernet, device link or website on our PC. If our workstation is connected to several specific network adapters and one of them is not in use, this procedure is very useful. Just make sure you pick the right option to take the appropriate action.

    In this article, we see a step-by-step guide from one person with screenshots showing how to enable adapter Trusted Networking in Windows 8.

    How To Activate A Network Card For Windows Under 8

    How do I get to Network connections in Control Panel?

    Open the control panel in the thematic view, click right under the heading “Network and Internet” on the link “View the status and tasks of the group.” In the window that appears on the left, click “Change adapter settings”. You can now view a list of network connections on your system.

    First of all, we really need to switch to the windshield screen when starting Windows 8 in 8.

    Then in a sort of search box “Control Panel type control” combined with clicking on “Applications” in the top sidebar and then on “Control Panel” when the mainwindow.

    Now, under Internet Network, select an option and select View Network Status and Tasks.

    How do I fix network connection on Windows 8?

    On the home screen, type Control Panel to open the search icon, then select Control Panel as the search result type.Click View Network Status and Tasks.Click Troubleshoot.Click on the gift that matches the problem someone is facing:

    Right-click Change Adapter Settings to open network connections.

    To activate a connection, simply click on it to activate a network device.

    In our network connections window, we can present all the devices that are synonymous with our PC.


    In this article, our staff learned how to enable the network card in 8 windows.

    Then move each of our sliders to the lower right corner of each window screen and click Find Packages, which is useful when searching in Windows 8.

    1. Open the control panel. Then change “View By:” to display large icons.Dialog box for the field to be displayed as:

    2. Open the “Network and Sharing Center”. Select “Set up a new Internet connection or a new network”

    3. When the dialog box opens, click “Connect to manually ”, and then click“ Next ”. “Manually

    4. The Wireless Connect dialog box is visual. Follow these steps on all possible entries.

      1. Enter “UMKCWPA” for the network name. “WPA2-Enterprise”
      2. . a

      3. select “security type”.
      4. Select “AES” for “Encryption Type”.
      5. Leave the “Electronic Key” field blank .

      The next dialog looks like this:

    5. Click.

    6. When the following dialog box appears, click EditConnection settings “.

    7. “UMKCWPA Wireless Properties” are as follows.

    8. Click the Security tab. Make sure the dialog box as a whole looks like the one shown below. Make the appropriate changes whether you do it or not.

    9. Click the Settings button to open the following dialog box.

    10. Make sure to “Verify server identity by verifying certificate” and never verify . Click on the “Configure ..” button.. “.

    11. Make sure my On Connect box is unchecked .

    12. Click OK three times to make the change. The “Positive Manual Network Connection” wireless dialog box may and may appear.UMKWPA added successfully.

    13. windows 8 control panel network connections

      Click our own close button.

    14. Go to the lower-right area of ​​the home screen. To view the charms, click here, optionally select Settings.

    15. When the screen appears, click the “Available” icon in the settings.

    16. A list of wireless networks is displayed. UMKCWPA is the preferred secure wireless network to take full advantage of it. All others are not recommended by UMKC Service Information (UMKC IS).

    17. Make sure Connect Automatically is checked , then click Connect.

      1. Enter your SSO username in the format “umkc-user username” and SSO password.

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      How do I find Network connections in Windows 8?

      On the home screen, type Control Panel to open the search icon, then select Control Panel as the search result type.Click on the network status and visualize the tasks.

    18. windows 8 control panel network connections

      You will probably need to repeat the authentication process (steps 16 to 18) up to four times for this connection to work properly.

    19. Check your wireless settings to make sure the web link is set.

    20. The UMKCWPA wireless connection will most likely work automatically if you are on campus and near the wireless home hotspot (essentially the entire campus).

    21. If buyers have questions or cannot connect, contact the UMKC Call Center at 235-2000.

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