Blue Start Menu Windows 8.1? Fix It Immediately

Feb 22, 2022 English

If you are getting windows 8.1 blue boot menu error on your PC, then you should check out these suggested fixes.

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    windows 8.1 blue start menu

    I know there are still skeptics out there, but from what I’ve heard, Rumor has it that the start button will try to become part of Windows Blue, also known as genuine Windows 8.1. .

    Can you make Windows 8.1 look like 7?

    With some free or low-cost attributes, you can explore Windows 8.1 and work like Windows 10 today. x, which made some operating systems so inconvenient for users running previous versions of Windows. So, in order to request these changes, you just need to update via Windows Update.

    I learned from one of my great sources that the start button is still . new direct download option to desktop are only included in the latest internal builds of Windows 8.1 Milestone Preview.

    What I haven’t heard much about is how this new start button will work. While sources indicate that the Start button won’t do the job that the current Windows Start button does, opening the improved Start menu is all we’ve heard

    I was trying to get some information about how the launch ad button works. Here are the solutions I heard from one of Windows Blue’s top sources, who must have been aware of all the information he was sharing.

    windows 8.1 blue start menu

    The new Start button will appear to look like Like any of our Start buttons, which are currently part of the Charms menu, compared to Windows 8: a stylized corner windshield (as shown above for this post). It will most likely be enabled by default, but it can be disabled for those who like the no-button startup concept that debuted in Windows 8.

    How do I make Windows 8.1 Start menu look like Windows 10?

    Press Windows + I to open the current Settings app. In the main message, click the Personalization category. Select the “Start” case on the left. On the right side, turn on any switch “Use start in full screen”.

    This new button is clearly located on the Windows 8.1 taskbar, which has enough memory and in the same way as the “old”/current Windows 7 start button.

    According to the organization’s source, if users are on one of our home screens or virtually any Metro/Windows Store style app, the new home button will not be visible. It is only visible if/when the user moves the corresponding mouse to the four left corners. Instead of seeing the app tile that Windows 8 users see when hovering their mouse over the left corner, they instead see a start button for starters.

    According to a source within the organization, there will also only be an All Apps view,in which it will be possible to click instead of a mosaic interface. This is the normal All Apps view that users can now create in Windows 8 when they navigate to an app, lock it, and select All Apps. On Windows Blue, as previous leaks have shown, users can enjoy it by swiping across the start screen. (All Apps screenshot above courtesy of Windows SuperSite.Microsoft)

    How do I change my Start menu back to normal?

    Go straight to the taskbar and decide on the properties.Select the Start menu tab.Enable or disable “Use the start menu instead of the login splash screen”.Click Sign out and improve settings. You must re-enter your signature to access another menu.

    but plans to allow users to see “All Apps” by default to compensate for those who don’t want the full tiled interface, my source said. In your opinion, pressing the Start button will most likely bring up the Start screen, combined with a list of apps with celebrities and no tiles. Users can categorize icons by usage so that the apps they use most often come first. This is often the view that users see closest to the Windows 7 Start menu, although it is still shown in full screen rather than list view.

    Direct download to desktop is my verified source, deven in Windows Blue Milestone Preview builds. And one thing is supposedly working like a buzz: users can choose a desktop over a Metro-style screensaver when their PCs/tablets start to gain popularity. Pressing the start button in some views takes users to the Metro-style home screen, even if patients start the screen on the desktop.

    Why Is Start menu blue?

    Microsoft should allow users to use the same requirements for the Metro home screen and desktop with Blue. The idea is that it makes mobility between two environments less disruptive.

    My source said there are a lot of cool interfaces that should probably be coming to Blue. Microsoft should allow users to use the same background for both the Metro splash screen and the entire blue desktop. The idea, no doubt, is that moving the two main environments will be less disruptive.

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    I asked Microsoft if they would like to comment on my source’s facts and strategies. No counterwords for now, on the other hand I’m not holding my breath.

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