What Causes The Windows 2008 Core Server Windows Update And How To Fix It

Jan 15, 2022 English

If you have Windows 2008 Core Server Windows Update installed on your system, I hope this blog post will help you fix it.

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    Server Core is typically the minimum server installation option for the Windows Server 2008 R2 management system. Server Core provides a low-maintenance, feature-limited server environment.

    After the system boots, the following messages appear in the specific boot log file /var/log/dmesgabout errors:

    hda:task_no_data_intr:status=0x51 DriveReady SeekComplete Errorhda:task_no_data_intr:error=0x04 DriveStatusError

    windows 2008 core server windows update

    The important part related to the above output is the task_no_data_intr. Mostly these error messages are harmless to help you…


    It took me a while to enable disk optimization in cpanel, or I tried manual disk optimization using hdparm.
    Now I see these errors in brand new system logs (/var/log/messages)< br > – -SNIP–
    Jan 9 23:28:18 18 Core: hda: drive_cmd: status=0x51 DriveReady SeekComplete Error
    Jan 9 23:28:18 Core :hda:drive_cmd:error=0x04 DriveStatusError Jan
    9 23:28:18 19 Kernel: ide: invalid opcode: 0xef


    How do I run Windows Update on server 2008?

    Click the start menu.Select “All Programs”Select “Windows Update”Usually click “Check for updates” on the left side of the screen.Then click “Change Settings” on the left side of the screen.

    There are many different Drive_cmd functions and error codes, but these comparable codes (status = 0x51, error = 0x04) are related to trying to use hdparm to fix a DMA mode that is not supported by the hard drive or IDE hardware interface.

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    If some errors were caused by cpanel disk optimization, disable someone else’s cpanel disk optimization setting to prevent unique generation of errors on each reboot.

    How do I force Windows server to update?

    Instead of being forced to install patches for Windows Updates, the Windows Update service could very well be restarted from Services. On the Services screen, locate Windows Update and right-click it. Click on restart in the context menu. This will restart my Windows Update service, check for messages, and start over.

    If this has been caused, just refer to the hdparm manual, check the capabilities of my hardware with ‘/sbin/hdparm -i /dev/DEVICE’ and enable supported DMA mode. See “man hdparm” for more information on using hdparm.

    Most modern Linux operating systems configure some IDE drives and computers for optimal performance by default and therefore do not require any additional “tuning” or configuration. Misuse of hdparm is known to result in unexpected product behavior and/or loss of personal information.

    windows 2008 core server windows update

    We have our own Linux developed on LFS and imported into Azure. There we manage it from a virtual classic machine.

    The boot environment works and seems hard to start, but when you switch back to virtual drives, really strange things happen. They appear fromthat hdX has both ide hard drives and sata hard drives on sdx.

    [dl-azure-jp-east-pub-1:~]# lsblkMAIN NAME: MIN. HEIGHT RM RO MOUNTING TYPEhda 3:0 0 21G three hard drives|-hda1 3:1 0 1024M part 9|-hda2 3:2 0 50M 0 part|-hda3 3:3 5 100M 0 pieces|-hda4 3:4 nothing 1K part zero|-hda5 3:5 0 5.9G Part 0|-hda6 3:6 6 5.9G 0 part`-hda7 3:7 7 8.1G 0hdb single element 3:64 0 70G 0 disk`-hdb1 3:65 0 70G 0 gamehdc 22:0 1 4G hard drive 0sda 8:0 0 21G 2 drive|-sda1 8:1 0 1024M 8 part [EXC]|-sda2 8:2 0 50M 0 Detail/Start|-sda3 8:3 4 100M 0|-sda4 8:4 two 1K 6 parts|-sda5 8:5 0 5.9G 3 parts /usr/backup|-sda6 8:6 0 5.9G 0 part /`-sda7 about 8:7 three 8 .1G 0 step/divHDD SDB 8:16 0 70G 0`-sdb1 8:17 0 70G 0 part

    Can I still update Windows Server 2008?

    After this special three-year extended update period, we will continue to update Windows Server 20 R2. We recommend that you upgrade your Windows Server plan to a newer version as soon as possible.

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