How Can I Fix Why My Mac Keeps Booting In Safe Mode?

Nov 28, 2021 English

Over the past few days, some of our users have reported that they have noticed why my Mac continues to boot in Safe Mode.

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    Sometimes the Shift key can get stuck on a Mac for various reasons, and when the Shift key is held down (whether visible or not), the Mac continues to boot into Safe Mode, whether you like it or not. Long story short: take a look at your Shift keys and make sure the keyboard is clean.

    A simple boot into Safe Mode usually fixes a number of common Mac problems. The lack of a response turns on the apperrors, poor system performance, errors during installation and removal, and much more. This is a special way to boot your operating system whenever a problem occurs that is interfering with the normal functioning of your current Mac. Once you boot into Safe Mode and fix whatever needs to be fixed, you can probably almost always restart your computer and use it the same way you used to.

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    But what if the Mac still boots in Safe Mode? Sometimes your Mac gets stuck in Safe Mode even after the problem has been resolved and you have restarted your computer. This is because using Safe Mode restricts what you can do on your computer. You can definitely only do basic stuff because most of your musical instrument drivers won’t load. Your Mac keeps booting in Safe Mode and something is wrong and you can fix it.

    This article shows you how to prevent your Mac from rebooting from OK mode.

    How To Prevent Your Mac From Starting In Safe Mode

    How do I stop my Mac from booting in Safe Mode?

    Turn off your computer.Find the Options, Command, P and R keys at the top of the keyboard.Turn on the computer.Press the most important keys together with the Options, Command, P and R keys.Hold the current keys until the computer restarts and you hear the financial services dialing beep a second time.

    Your computerEP is still in Secure Boot Mode for several reasons. This guide will explore each of these reasons and show you how to best advertise with them.

    1. Fix The Stuck Shift Keys And Clean Up The Keyboard

    The Safe Mode boot process requires you to hold down the Shift key when you hear that it starts without error. But if the Shift key is really stuck, your Mac will likely train in Safe Mode all the time – unless you get rid of it.

    The first thing to do when this problem occurs is to test the keyboard. Sometimes you can’t see what exactly is in your Shift key, so you need to check it out for yourself. Press Shift to see if something looks strange, feels, or feels to the touch. You can also try some keyboard shortcuts and see when it works. Not if your last gear shift key might be broken.

    why does my mac keep starting up in safe mode

    Dirt is now the main reason for a defective keyboard, as these tinyNo particles accumulate under and between keys. You can use a can of condensed air to blow through the towers to make sure they are not covered with dirt, lint, or dust. For more keyboard cleaning tips, users can follow this step-by-step guide to fix stuck keys on their Mac.

    If you have a MacBook Pro 2016–2018 series or MacBook 2015–2017 series, check your keyboard regularly. The Macs in this group feature butterfly input keys, which are known to be quite complex. Butterfly wrenches are known to accidentally pinch or jam due to dirt or debris.

    why does my mac keep starting up in safe mode

    Apple has even prepared a guide on the best way to clean your keyboard, which involves pressing it in different tilted positions, even if the keys are blown out with compressed air.

    Apple also released a Keyboard Service Program for MacBooks and Pro Macs, which was released between 2015 and 2017. The program is designed to serve MacBook and MacBook Pro computers that have keyboard problems such as the hallKey press or no response, characters are not displayed or are repeated unexpectedly. Just take or ship your Mac with your faulty keyboard to an Apple Authorized Service Provider and they’ll fix it for free.

    Not cleaning your Mac keyboard will certainly only help fix stuck keys, which will also prevent other problems in the future. Regardless of whether you think your Shift is almost certainly frozen, the first thing you should check is your computer’s keys when looking for ways to prevent your Mac from starting up in Safe Mode.

    1. Clean Your Software

    If you’ve recently used your Mac for a completely different period of time, some files may become corrupted and cause restart or other problems for your computer. Try emptying the Trash and getting rid of junk files on those computers. You can do it manually, which might take a while, or someone might use an app like Outbyte macAries to get rid of all your junk files in one Some of them.

    1. Reset NVRAM / PRAM

    If your Shift key works fine, the next thing you need to do is take a close look at your Macs with NVRAM / PRAM. NVRAM, or nonvolatile random access memory, is a small amount of memory that can hold information even when the computer is turned off. Since your computer stores some settings well, they are easy to access. PRAM or Parameter RAM is just older than the NVRAM version. The settings saved in NVRAM are retained even after you restart your Mac. Problems such as restarting in safe mode occur when any of these settings are corrupted or changed. You

    What to do, your Mac’s NVRAM / PRAM has been reset. There are several steps to follow:

    • Restart your Mac.
    • Hold this combination: Keyboard Cmd + Option + R.
    • Hold the buttons until you hear a second startup tone or the Apple logo flashes twice.

    That’s all! Your NVRAM / PRAM has been reset and your Mac should now boot and boot normally.

    1. Reset SMC

    How do I fix my Mac in Safe Mode?

    Repair. To boot to Safe Mode, restart your Mac while holding down the Shift key. Immediately after the call, hold it until you see the Apple logo and a spinning gear. Depending on your version of OS X, you might find that spinning resources turn into a nightclub as they evolve.

    If resetting NVRAM / PRAM doesn’t work, you should also try resetting your Mac’s System Management Controller (SMC) to fix the restart issue. Resetting SMC recovery will help your Mac perform some important system functions, especially if you have hardware power problems.

    Select the following to reset the SMC:

    • Turn off your Mac and connect the AC adapter.
    • Hold down the combination of this (Shift + Ctrl + Option) and the alternate power supply on the keyboard at the same time.
    • Release individual buttons at the same time when the light, ideally an adapter, briefly changes color. This is how SMC resets it.
    • Start your Mac as usual.


    Staying in Safe Mode can be very frustrating as you most likely won’t be doing anything other than basic computer tasks. Hope this guide has helped you find the perfect solution to your problem.

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