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If you have Fairy Tail Thai Bug, this guide may help you.

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    Classic Thai Horror Stories

    If Grimm’s tales have taught our family anything, it is never to trust their word “fairy” in their own stories, as some of them are still not weird at all.

    The same can be said for most Thai literatures and traditions, as most stories of blood and violence are beyond the imagination.

    This is where 8 disturbing Thai fairy tales are usually composed by everyone who really makes a living with them.

    Note. All of these stories are taken from Thai literature, so we only took fragments to share with them as much context as possible.

    1. Thong Pla Boo The – Gobie Doré

    This story is, in fact, a perverse Cinderella style with a lot of grandeur and agony.

    A wealthy man has a merchant and several wives – one tastes like gold and the other, well, not necessarily that many. Ironically, the two women give birth to very similar daughters.

    Like her mother, Auey is selfless and caring, and Aai’s sister is full of hatred and envy for her brothers and Stram. Cheerios don’t fall far from the tree.

    Over time, Aai fades away, and after that, her mother’s hatred turns into great deeds. They decide to hire the best to get rid of Away’s mother. Because of karma, even if it is very good, she will soon be reborn as a real golden bull in order to stay with her vulnerable daughter.

    But the bad guys suggest taking a break. After Aai and her new mom find out what is going on, they find cooked fish and give the land to the family – of course, Auey is forced to eat the girl’s own mom>

    Soon after, the prince falls in love with Auey for his kindness. She then leaves her wily stepmother and sister, moving to the palace.

    Aai, who is currently intoxicated with jealousy, convinces Auey to return home, telling him that his father is in great pain. When Aueay approaches him or his father’s room, she is suddenly trapped in boiling oil and dies.

    After the gruesome murder, Aai instead assumes the identity of your wife’s sister and the prince in question. But the recipe for karma has been preserved, the truth will be revealed in the future, and May will be executed.

    The wizard then brings Auey back to life, and her mundane existence is happy with the entire prince.

    2.Khun ChangKhun Pan

    Khun Pan is perhaps the most charming person in the Thai literary world. In addition to looking good, he also manages to struggle to do magic and make love with magic. And it was for these reasons that there were so many wives and lovers in his life.

    While most of her romantic interactions revolved around drama and jealousy, only one ended in grotesque tragedy.

    At some point in his life, Khun Pan may have lived with Bua Kli, the daughter of the great creator of a gang of thieves. They lived in their house until your ex got pregnant and everything was perfect.

    However, after a while Bua Kli’s parents felt threatened by the witchcraft and martial arts of Pan Khun, so he convinced his daughter to poison her husband.

    When Pan learned that his pregnant wife and his wife’s family were planning to kill the boy Hong, Pan quickly attempted revenge by killing all of his wife’s members and children, including his wife.

    He then mercilessly cut Clisa Bois’ knees and spent time caring for his stillborn boy. The worst part? Khun Pan made his child’s spirit his servant for years to come.

    Who would have thought that “Lady Killer” could be literal?

    3. Song Of Nang Sip – 12 Sisters

    In this flashback, a giantess named Santra tries to get revenge on her 12 stepdaughters after they run away from her, when they probably realize she is not human.

    Upon learning that 12 sisters were married to help the king, Santra disguised herself as a charming young lady and made royal high-heeled sandals for her.

    She then convinced the king to lock up all pregnant brothers and sisters in any den, but not before their eyes were gouged out. Only the youngest little sister stayed with 1 to see some terrible food in the cave.

    As a result, all the sisters gave birth and gave birth to each other’s children one at a time. But due to malnutrition, everyone decided to kill their child and share it as healthy food for all the sisters. Ummm!

    However, the younger sister cannotI had to dose it with Compact, so she decided to dilute it. As he grew and grew, he finally led his mother and aunts out of our cave and defeated Santra.

    4. Si Tha Non Chai Is A Smart Boy

    Although Si Tha Non Chai is a real village, the boy has always been famous since childhood for his intelligence, but also for his cunning. He has used these skills all his life to defeat his competitors and win Boost status.

    Si Tha Non Chais I thought extraordinarily not only about absurd and funny moments, but also about painful moments.

    As a child, Si Tha Non Chai took care of the man’s younger brother, including taking a shower and sleeping while the man’s parents were at work.

    One day, Tashi Non Chai was exhausted when his mother told him to wash his little brother every weekend. So he emptied his brother’s intestines like a fish, thinking he could stay cleaner longer.

    Then he put his “clean” brother to bed and proudly informed his mother about the actions of her house.

    5. Lilith Phra Lo – The Deadly Triangle Of Love

    The story begins with Princess Poen defeating thatthe same person, Phra Lo, as Princess Pang and decides to bewitch him with magic, regardless of whether he is the son of a rival country. After all, Phra Lo was named the most handsome of the princes and was loved by those who discovered him.

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    They then happily lived together, possibly with the princesses, until their family members found out what was probably going on.

    Although the king was furious about what had happened, he loved his daughters so much that he could arrange weddings for almost all three.

    thai fairy tail error

    But, unlike her man, the princesses’ grandmother still considered Phra Aslo a descendant of her enemy. She then ordered the soldiers to capture the prince. But my princesses loved him too much and fought with him. All three were killed by the rain after arrows.

    6. Utai Tevi – The Queen Of Toads

    Utai Tevi was the product of unacceptable love between a royal nude (snake) and a male nymph. Her mother, endowed with magic and beauty, decided to scratch her entire body on an ugly toad to hide her divine beauty, and also left her with human relatives.

    When my daughter was growing up, Utai Tevi fell in love with a beautifulTh prince. But their love was not without stumbling blocks. The prince’s mother did not like Utai Tevi, so she secretly arranged a kind of marriage between her son and a giant princess named Chantana.

    This love triangle with the cruel Chantana tried to execute Utai Tevi using black magic. Needless to say, their procedure was not entirely successful.

    Utai Tevi wanted revenge and cursed herself like an old witch who prided herself on being the best beauty consultant in town, so Chantana put a label on her services.

    As expected, Chantana dedicated this old lady to her hair. Utai shaved the head of your daughter’s nemesis and cut off her handkerchief with a razor. She then convinced Chantana to wear an “anchovy hat” and promised her hair would be beautiful and lush again. However, your cropped princess became contagious and this woman passed away 7 days later.

    Following Chantana’s brutal death, Utai Tevi was reunited with the respective prince and lived happily together.

    7. Tong Sun – Golden Shell

    Sung Tong is a wonderful m The little boy who was raised by adoptive parents is a giant named Panturat.

    When he got up and found out the truth about him, Sung Tong decided to escape from the magic mountain, which the giants could not climb. Soon after, Panthurat was caught with him and she was unable to climb the mountain.

    Heartbroken, he begged Panturat to invite his son to talk to him before he decided to do anything. But Song Tong firmly believed that despite his love for her, great players and people should not be right in her family.

    When Panturat saw his son’s indifference, he cried blood, but in fact ignored it.

    He finally cried to destroy her and left her with a charity spell so he could make a living.

    8. Sano Noi Ruen Ngam – Princess Sano’s Beautiful Home

    Princess Sano saved the handsome prince’s lifestyle with an awakening potion given to her by the new great angel.

    Unfortunately, her jealous friend Kula also surrendered to win the prince’s favor and took on the identity of Sano so that everyone could find Kula who is was the savior of the prince, or Sano, just your favorite servant.

    As a token of gratitude, Prince Kula’s parents usually greeted her as a daughter-in-law. Kula treated Sano badly the whole time, even though my mother hadn’t tried to tell anyone the truth.

    The truth was revealed shortly thereafter when Princess Sano fled Kula and entered a toy house that may have been blessed by angels. In a rage, Kula attempted to destroy him and kill Sano. However, it also made the king suspicious enough to begin the correct process of revealing each of our truths.
    thai fairy tail error

    The royal family ordered Kula to torture his death. She was scratched alive and rubbed with salt until she died. In the next turn of events, the prince wanted the real Princess Sano to be his wife. Fortunately, they lived to the end of their days.

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