Steps To Troubleshoot Task_no_data_intr = 0x04 Drivestatuserror Error

Jan 15, 2022 English

If you have task_no_data_intr = 0x04 drivestatuserror on your system, this article should help you.

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    After running the configuration in /var/log/dmesg of the startup log file, the following error messages are the last to appear:

    task_no_data_intr error=0x04 drivestatuserror

    hda: task_no_data_intr: status=0x51 DriveReady SeekComplete Errorhda:task_no_data_intr:error=0x04 DriveStatusError

    The really important part of the above output is task_no_data_intr. Basically, these error messages are almost always harmless to…


    I just enabled disk tuning in cpanel or tried to do some targeted manual disk optimization with our own hdparm program.
    Now I see these issues in my system logs (/var/log/messages)
    — SNIP – –
    Jan 9 23:28:18 nineteen hda:kernel:drive_cmd:status=0x51 DriveReady SeekComplete Error
    Jan 10 23:28:18 18 hda:kernel: drive_cmd: error=0x04 DriveStatusError
    Jan 10 inside 23:28:18 18 Kernel: ide: may have had an invalid opcode: 0xef


    PC running slow?

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    There are many drive_cmd-specific status codes and errors, but these (status=0x51, error=0x04) are actually caused by an attempt to require hdparm to set the DMA mode used by the often unsupported Enterprise hardware or IDE interface.

    If the cpanel disk configuration callTo fix this error, disable the disk setup section in cpanel so that it doesn’t throw errors every time I start my computer.

    If it’s more caused by the hdparm manual, check the device capabilities with ‘/sbin/hdparm -as i /dev/DEVICE’ and set the supported DMA mode. See “man hdparm” for more information on using hdparm.

    Most modern Linux operating systems fully tune the hard drive and IDE hardware for optimal performance at the point of failure and do not require “tweaking” or extensive tuning. Misuse of hdparm has been known to cause unstable behavior and/or data loss.

    We have our own LFS-based Linux that we’re importing into Azure. With us, it looks like a classic machine with one server.

    task_no_data_intr error=0x04 drivestatuserror

    The system boots and runs fine, but some really strange things are happening to the virtual disks. Once they appear as ide drives on hdX and once like sata hard drives on sdx.

    [dl-azure-jp-east-pub-1:~]# lsblkMAIN NAME: MIN. HEIGHT RM RO MOUNTING TYPEhda 3:0 hard drive 0 21G 0|-hda1 3:1 null 1024M 0 part|-hda2 3:2 3 50M 0 aspect|-hda3 3:3 0 100M 3 parts|-hda4 3:4 0 1K 0 part|-hda5 3:5 7 5.9G 0part|-hda6 3:6 0 5.9G 0 angle`-hda7 3:7 nothing 8.1G 0parthdb 3:64 3 70G 0disk`-hdb1 3:65 3 70G 0parthdc twenty two:0 1 4g 0disksda 2:0 zero 21G 0 disk|-sda1 8:1 01024M 0part [EXC]|-sda2 8:2 5 50M 0part/start|-sda3 8:3 0 100M 0part|-sda4 8:4 0 1K 0part|-sda5 8:5 3 5.9G part 7 /usr/backup|-sda6 8:6 6 5.9G part 3 /`-sda7 8:7 0 8.1G 2 part/generalSDB 8:16 nothing 70G 0 disk`-sdb1 8:17 lame 70G 2 parts

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