Standard Chartered 2000 Error Code – Easy Troubleshooting

Dec 31, 2021 English

Recently, some readers have encountered a known error with standard error code 2000. A number of factors can cause this problem. We’ll cover them below.

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    In short, an “Ignore” error code will appear if that customer’s card issuer refuses to successfully re-send the authorization token to be admitted to your payment system. It is not necessarily someone else’s fault; the issuer simply never confirmed the transaction.

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    Do not Honour failed Meaning?

    DO NOT HONOR or Invalid Service Code messages indicate that the bank that issued the client’s card did not confirm the transaction using the authorization code. Basically, the software tells you that the recently used credit card for the transaction has been completely rejected by the issuing bank.

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    standard chartered error code 2000

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    What does 2000 not honor mean?

    2000 – Don’t make money – The client’s bank is reluctant to accept the transaction. The borrower should contact their company for more information on this common waiver.

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    Do not honor transactions declined?

    Ignore (05) is the most common and universal message for card transactions that were rejected by the bank. This indicates that the particular issuing bank does not usually verify the transaction. This is you This is due to several factors such as typos, lack of money, etc.

    December 14, 2021

    Ben Ahmadi

    A Rejected - never execute Notification represents the status of the request, which is linked through the response code 20005 and means that the customer’s bank declined this payment. This is the most common phone message sent by banks when authorization for a particular payment fails.

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    standard chartered error code 2000

    There are several possible scenarios that could trigger response code 20005 (rejected - do not comply) :

    How To Solve

    How do you fix do not honor?

    Ask the customer to contact their bank and explain that they are trying to process the payment. In all cases, the client will ask the bank to authorize this payment.Ask the customer to try again later.Suggest that most customers use a different credit card.

    To allow response 20005 (denied - disrespectfulbut) , try this:

    This rejection response means that the issuing bank did not provide additional details about the payment error, and no one can cancel the response.

    Sometimes, payment may be refused directly due to CVV or AVS verification failure. Before trying anything else, it’s worth checking out the correctness of these professions.

    1. Credit institution fraud rules triggered (assuming important events are not published). Bank
    2. The bank may have temporarily blocked the client’s card.
    3. The storage for the session might have been locked. You pay for multiple declined payments.
    4. The merchant is located in a different country from the bank that issued the card.
    1. Ask the customer to contact their default bank and explain that they are trying to process the payment. Most likely, the client will ask the bank to authorize the largest payment.
    2. Ask the customer to try again later. The issuing bank could only temporarily block the card.
    3. As a rule of thumb, ask the client to use an alternate break card.

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