Tips For Fixing Linux VI Conversion Errors

Feb 1, 2022 English

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    Sometimes your system may display an error code indicating that a Linux VI conversion error has occurred. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    Adding set listchars=tab:â–¸ ,trail: ,extends:#,nbsp: causes a “CONVERSION ERROR” queue while the vimrc file is saved.I’m using gvim 7.3 on Windows 7.


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    Charles Campbell


    linux vi conversion error

    March 25 All New Year 6:33: 54 Vim pm 03/25/10


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    I don’t have to answer this question exactly, but I’ll give you a few guesses: I < br>probably the browser is generated using one encoding and you’re using gvim/vim with an incompatible
    encoding I don’t know how you can see what encoding your browser is generating, but the encoding for vim can be checked with

    enc collection
    set fenc

    If you can live with utf-8 If not try this Campbell

    chip aria-expanded=”true””CONVERSION ERROR in string…” jsaction=”VqL3Gc:xvWlrc;QvNAx:AHmuwe;JIbuQc:OOqk2e(onkYyb ), OOqk2e (IgWJu),FUJCwf(OqWcW),Bmlfs(rKtXic),qHAave(k1xLRe);rcuQ6b:npT2md;DB0tFc:dvCNbf; keydown:hXsouf; click:mHokFf(A9KrYd),gfTIJc(yjbGtf),hXsouf;” jscontroller=”ywEdOe” role=”listitem” tabindex=”0″>


    March jsname=”A9KrYd”>

    < h3>yosi 28 2010, 09:10:5028.03.10

    to vim…

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    >> I can’t really answer this question, but I’ll give you a few guesses: I
    >> guess the browser is using the body encoding, and you are using gvim/vim with
    >> a completely different and incompatible encoding. I’m not entirely sure how to determine which
    >> your browser is using, but the encoding for vim doesn’t work. check
    >> with
    >> set enc
    >> set fenc
    >> If you have utf-8 set, try using that.
    >> Sincerely,
    >> Chip Campbell
    >>< br> >< br>>Yes indeed.< br>>
    > A file conversion error on save means that the cached file (in < br>> ‘encoding’) contains one or more characters that
    >> are not in the ‘fileencoding’ ‘ character set in which you are trying to compress the file

    >. For example, specify “Mother nature herself (French digraph oe)

    < div>

    >” and you will try to save it in latin1 format.
    > If an error occurs, the main conversion will occur, when reading via pasting into vim’s memory,
    >so some “encodings” are not compatible with the data; IOW,
    > vim can’t represent how data is in memory, with “Encoding” being the predominant choice. .
    > I recommend using UTF-8 for vim’s memory information (“Encoding”) because< br>> Unicode (including UTF-8) can represent any possible set of electronic characters.
    > Converting between Unicode and Latin1 is trivial, and Vim (consisting of course of a
    > multi_byte, ie when hat(‘multi_byte’) is non-zero) can
    > do this unaided; Converting to another encoding other than Unicode
    > (either to include them, or from which gb18030 thousand is a Unicode encoding, on the other hand
    > requires large conversion tables) the Iconv library is usually required, or the
    > is compiled or available for dynamic loading on playback (to verify this, make sure
    > that do has(‘icon’) is non-zero).< br>>
    > See also and the pages mentioned there
    >help See
    > also: help 8g8
    > Regards,
    > Tony.

    < /div>


    Thanks for the tip, two of the following didn’t quite solve the problem.< br>set enc returns
    encoding=u tf-8

    < p> set fenc returns < br>file encoding=latin1

    KHow do I know for sure which one is applicable? – utf-8 or
    latin1? – And how can I make sure that utf-8 is applied, assuming it
    fixes the bug?

    8g8 is good, but not reliable enough to help me experience the joy of throttling 2k
    lines. filled with invalid encoding characters.

    linux vi conversion error

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