Steps To Resolve The Error Ora-12505

Feb 22, 2022 English

You may encounter an error code on how to fix the ora-12505 error. Coincidentally, there are several ways to solve this problem, and this is what we are going to do now.

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    There are several ways to fix the ORA-12505 error. Your first way to fix this problem is to wait a few seconds and then try to connect to the recording again. If this attempt fails, try testing the possibilities that the listener knows about.

    In order to properly troubleshoot this error when connecting to the correct Oracle index, we first need to explain a little about Oracle’s behavior and thus the cause of this issue.


    It may be important to understand the (slight) difference between what Oracle defines as your SID and SERVICE_NAME, mainly because we use that information to generate the appropriate lines. connection.

    How do I fix TNS listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor?

    ORA-12514 policy that the listener cannot find an existing mapping service to yours, so thought cannot connect to any part of the database for you. It ends up responding with an ORA-12514 warning, I would say the connection failed. This can also be caused by using the wrong media name.

    In Oracle, a system identifier (or SID) is a convenient local identifier, up to eight characters long, used to identify the database being viewed and to distinguish it from other databases.

    how to solve ora-12505 error

    Of course, often SID is an alternative prefix word DB_UNIQUE_NAME preceding DB_DOMAIN. For example, SID of this bookglobal database name in Bookstore.Company. en.

    SERVICE_NAMES, on the other hand, are fully qualified names that database instances can be attached to. SERVICE_NAME Your format usually follows the format SID followed by the database domain, for example: DB_UNIQUE_NAME.DB_DOMAIN

    TNS Earpiece

    What is ora12505?

    The ORA-12505 error means that the listener was often active and you could connect to it, but failed to connect to the index because it doesn't know what the database is normally. the collection didn't register with the fan community, for example, because the database passed before the listener.

    When a client tries to connect to an Oracle database instead of connecting directly to the database, there is definitely a brokerage service that experts believe will step in and process the connection request to support the client.

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    This broker application is recognized as a listener and can listen for new incoming requests from the client. When a Get is received, the Listener handles this request and also forwards it to the appropriate Oracle database server using a fully functional Service Handler that functions as a connection between the Listener and the database server.

    TNS Name And Configuration

    Usually when I add gadgets Going to an Oracle database, your entire server database will have tnsnames.ora which is always a configuration file that informs the server from NET_SERVICE_NAMES what are the really valid database connections data. Looking back, this file is located at ORACLE_HOME/network/admin.

    For example, the NET_SERVICE_NAME descriptor for tnsnames.ora could be formatted like this:

    myDatabaseNetService =  (DESCRIPTION =    (ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=tcp)(HOST is localhost)(PORT=1521)(QUEUESIZE=100))    (CONNECT_DATA =      = (service name    )  )

    This should probably set NET_SERVICE_NAME to the SERVICE_NAME we talked about earlier ( and also for connect to localhost in field 1521.

    Connection String

    How do I fix Listener refused the connection with the following error?

    Open Oracle Net Manager.Will choosee your listener.In the larger right combo box, select Database Services.Click Add Database.Fill in 3 fields: Name of the global database (for example, ORCL.NET.File > Save Network Configuration.Restart the OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListener service.

    Having learned a little more about how Oracle actually connects databases, we can now understand how connection strings are formatted.

    Connect Using TNS Username/service_networkname

    when navigating to NET_SERVICE_NAME, mainly because it is listed in your t config filensnames.ora, you must include username , password or add NET_SERVICE_NAME followed by @ , for example:

    username/[email protected]_SERVICE_NAME

    how to solve ora-12505 error

    So, in order to work with our previous NET_SERVICE_NAME descriptor above, the new actual NET_SERVICE_NAME we defined was probably myDatabaseNetService, so our connection string looks something like this. like this:

    Connect Using SERVICE_NAME

    If you are connecting via SERVICE_NAME, you must also add host and then port with / symbol after SERVICE_NAME:


    username/[email protected]:port/SERVICE_NAME

    Connect Via SID

    Finally, if you can connect without NET_SERVICE_NAME or even SERVICE_NAME configured, you can do so directly using SID do: caption instead of symbol / than with connection string SERVICE_NAME:

    username/[email protected]:port:SID

    In order to properly troubleshoot this error and relate it to the relevant Oracle information, we must first explain how Oracle behaves and what causes this problem in the first place.


    It’s definitely important to understand the (slightly) big difference between what Oracle defines as very SID and SERVICE_NAME in the role we’ll be using this information for. then provide the appropriate connection string.

    In Oracle, a system identifier (or SID) is often a local identifier up to eight characters long that can be used to identify a particular database and distinguish it from larger databases.< /p>

    Often SID is definitely a word prefix DB_UNIQUE_NAME in addition to the DB_DOMAIN prefix. For example, the SID of all those Bookstore as the database most commonly associated with Bookstore in our global database name is filled.

    SERVICE_NAMES, on the other hand, represents the type of names that Database instances. The SERVICE_NAME on the right usually follows the format SID followed by the listing domain, for example: DB_UNIQUE_NAME.DB_DOMAIN

    TNS Earpiece

    How do I install TNS Listener service?

    Start Oracle Net Manager.In Navigator Lite, expand Local > Listeners.Choose a listener.Select Lite Database Services from the list on the right.Click Add Database.

    When a client tries to call an Oracle database URL, the broker service will typically intervene and process the connection request based on the client instead of connecting directly to the database.

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