What Are The Reasons, How To Reduce The Size Of The Start Menu And How To Fix It

Jan 26, 2022 English

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    Press the home button, select the top or side border, then drag it to the size you want.If you want to see all your apps, grab the top or bottom edges of the Start menu and drag them to the size you want.

    Does your Start Menu seem too big or too small? If so, your company can easily resize the Windows 10 Start window until it’s perfect, giving you more room to pin your favorite items or display more of your desktop. Here’s how.

    how to make start menu small

    First, you usually open the Start menu by clicking the Start button on the taskbar or pressing your keyboard.

    Once you open the Start menu, hover your precious mouse over the edge of it. The mouse pointer will turn into a regular resize pointer that looks like a short line with a skull arrow at each end.

    To change the height of the Start menu, place a secure cursor at the top of the entire Start menu, then hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse up or down.

    Start menu changes as you drag and drop. When you get the height, you often release the mouse button and the starting list stays the same.

    You can also change the width of the start menu to the sameImage: Grab the current right border with the resize slider and drag the mouse to make it bigger or smaller. When the Start menu is resized horizontally, the tiles are scaled down to multiples.

    Or you can adjust both the height and width by clicking on the top right of the start menu and dragging outwards in the middle or diagonally.

    By extending the Start Menu of sorts, you’ll have plenty of room for Live Tiles and then shortcuts to your favorite apps and therefore websites and documents. You can even access most of the screen from the menu if you like.

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    Or, if you want the Start menu to take up more space, you can make the page tiny. Thus, when displayed, it does not cover the entire desktop.

    The choice of size is entirely up to you. It’s another way to customize your platform and get the best Windows 10 experience.

    how to make start menu small

    By the way, launching a custom menu is not the only wayA being that can be resized in Windows 10. You can also easily resize the taskbar. Happy resizing!

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    How do I change the Start Menu width?

    Luckily, in Windows 10, you can also resize the Start Menu, as well as use the Ctrl key and the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you normally hold down the Ctrl key while pressing the up or down arrows, you can adjust the height. To frequently adjust the width, use the left or right arrow keys while holding down the Ctrl key.

    In Windows 10, the Start menu is a core component because your website uses it every day to find interesting apps, settings, and files. All familiarity with Windows 7 with this modern Windows 8.x Start Screen.

    Snack dishes come with a standard default layout, with temperatures and settings that usually suit a large percentage of people. However, if you want it to be more functional and you can do it yourself, the experience available in Windows 10 is highly customizable.

    For example, you can change the size, color, and use the Start Menu product in full screen mode. You can use folders and people to optimize storage space and organize your actual applications. You can change various settings, decide how you want this All Apps list to look, and more.

    In this In our Windows 10 guide, we’ll show you how to easily customize the Start menu to suit your device.

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  • How To Resize The Start Menu

    How do I make the Start Menu smaller in Windows 10?

    Press the Windows key or go to the start menu.Select the icon you want to resize. And right click on it.Below you will seethose “Resize” option.Click to resize. Select the current size.

    In Windows 10, there are actually two ways to resize the Start menu: make it smaller or larger, resize it with the mouse or keyboard shortcuts, and you can simplify the option to increase the number of floors per row.

    Resize Manually

    Follow these steps to manually retrieveHave access to the Windows 10 start menu:

    1. Open Start.
    2. Using a computer mouse, click “Stretch” and the entire top edge up to expand the menu.

      Source: Windows Central

    3. Click and drag the page border outward to expand it.

      Source: Central

    On Windows, you can also open the Start menu and then simply use the Ctrl + Arrow key combination to change the amount and width of the gain. For example, you can simply press Ctrl + up arrow a few times to expand it, or use Ctrl + right arrow to expand the main menu.

    Why is the Start Menu so big?

    If the Start menu seems to be larger than normal size, you must have turned on one of the customization options. To disable this option, go to “Settings” on your PC, then “Personalization”. Then click “Start” in the rendered area. After that, toggle the toggle to show more tiles at startup.

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