Troubleshooting Steps For Adding An Additional Domain Controller In Windows 2003

Nov 29, 2021 English

Over the past few days, several of our readers have told us that they stumbled upon adding an additional domain controller in Windows 2003.

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    Click Start, select Run and type dcpromo.The wizard windows will appear.In the Operating System Compatibility window, click Next.Select an Additional Domain Controller for the existing website URL and click Next.

    Add Additional Domain Controllers To The Same

    How do I add a second domain to Active Directory?

    Log in to your domain name controller.Open Active Directory Domains and Trusts.Open the properties for Active Directory domains and trusts.Add a new big domain name.Apply the settings.(optional) is intended for replication to other global controllers.


    Previously, our Active Directory forest consisted of three domains, each containing one domain controller. For small businesses, this network plan can be your job. But as we learned Active Directory is redundancy, so it is wise to have a proper backup plan so that only the domain controller of the new domain fails in the site, which is essentially peers, why not add a second domain controller. to this domain? If one website name controller goes down, another monitored domain can take over the workload. Thus, a pair or more controllers In domains can improve performance by allowing the ingress module to help balance “network load”.

    According to the tutorial, we are adding a second internet domain to manage the guinea.pig domain. The second named domain controller is DC1A.

    Tutorial: Add a New Domain Controller to an Existing New Large Domain

    1. Install Windows Server 2003 on a test computer. Tell him the following information:

      • IP address

        Address: (subnet

      • Gateway: IP- the address of the router in the subnet

        Server name; DC1A

        DNS address: (DC01 IP address)

    2. DC1A training dcpromo. When prompted for the type of domain controller, select an Additional Domain Controller for an existing large domain.

    3. Enter the guinea.pig domain administrator username and password and contact guinea.pig in the domain field:

      How do I install Active Directory domain Services in Windows Server 2003?

      Insert the Windows Server 2003 CD into your computer’s CD or DVD drive.Click the Start button, choose Run, and type dcpromo.Click OK to start the Active Directory Installation Wizard, and then click Next.For a new domain, click Controlled Domain, then click Next.

    4. < p>

    5. On the next screen, in guinea.pig, enter the field on the website.

    6. On the next two screens, press

      to receive payments with default settings. When prompted, enter the password for the wake-up mode.Recovery. On the Summary screen, click OK. DCPromo configures Active Directory on the new website domain controller. Once the setup is complete, the system will display an important summary screen. Of particular interest is the section, which usually reads as follows:

      “This domain controller is ready to designate a site for Guineasite.”

      Remember, we moved DC01 to a new site called guineasite that many people have created. Since we added DC1A to a domain in Nestled guineasite, DCPromo will automatically find it all over Guineasite.

    7. Restart our new domain controller if this is the reason. As soon as the system reboots, the DNS service is used (note: see page 173). The DNS information is then sent to the replicating DC1A.

    8. Continue opening Active Directory Sites and expanding my guineasites jar Ë † â ‘>. Note that DC1A is probably right below DC01, exactly where it should be:

      Now that our team has discovered DC01 and DC1A in the same Active Directory site, replication between them is simply driven by a process known as True Knowledge Consistency Checker (KCC), which replicates There are changes between them about every five. Remember that this type of replication is called intrasite replication because the replication process occurs within a single site. Our timber now looks like this:

    I recently created a new domain for testing, so I thought I was going to document some process in creating a short tutorial much larger than this.

    How to create a primary domain controller (Windows Server 2003) and an additional domain controller as a backup. However, I will not cover FSMO tasks or changing FSMO roles in this tutorial. The instructions will take you to two newly configured Windows 2003 servers.

    1. Create your very first DC. On your first newly adapted Windows Server 2003 computer, select Start-> Run, then type dcpromo, then type Minted. Alternatively, you can access the “Manage Server” wizard by adding a new role pointing to “Directory of Domain Controllers” (active. After starting dcpromo click “Until Next”, you will get “Control Typeller domain “)”. Here we select “Domain controller to create a new domain”.

    3. Can you now enter your fully qualified DNS name for the corresponding new domain? I used “shogan.local”. Do not use your web domain as an “internal world name”. Use something like “yourcompanyname.local”.

    how to add additional domain controller in windows 2003

    4. For the most important Netbios name, leave the default as. It should just be the shorthand application from your domain shown in Path 3. I think this will help with compatibility if the NT, 95, 98 machines are looking for a great Windows 2000 or higher domain.

    5. Your organization can then specify the location of your personal database and logs folder. In many cases, I leave mine in the traditional place.

    Can I have two domain controllers?

    The main reason for looking for multiple domain controllers is to be tolerant. They replicate Active Directory information with each other and can provide services when the other is also unavailable. Having multiple domain controllers is a good standard.

    6. The same is with the “System Shared Volume” folder. I leave my remainder (C: WINDOWS SYSVOL).

    7. The next wizard will check if DNS is installed on this computer. If it is smaller, select the second option “Install Configure and DNS Server on These Computers”. This is the easiest way and the installer kit will set up DNS for you.

    8. The next screen is for checking compatibility. I AMchose the second option here (not to mention Windows 2000 2003) because otherwise I won’t have any other Windows 2000 servers in that particular domain.

    9. Enter Security Mode for Directory Services Restore Mode on the next screen and secure it.

    11. When the Active Directory Installation Wizard completes, click Finish and restart the server.

    How do I add a new domain controller to my domain?

    On the deployment options page, select Add a domain controller to help you with an existing domain. You must provide the name of the domain to which the hot domain controller will be added. Then the controller parameters page will open beforeexchange. You can select the default options to make this domain controller a DNS server and global catalog.

    12. After rebooting, you should see a new screen that says “This server is now a domain controller.” Click Finish and you’re done with the main DC!

    how to add additional domain controller in windows 2003

    13. Then I go to the second server with a fresh boot of Windows Server 2003.

    14. Configure your primary IP addresses. Now that you have DNS on another domain controller’s server, you can point your preferred DNS server address element to your primary domain controller IP, which most people just configured. In this case, my primary domain controller has an IP address of, and the second domain controller that we are currently reassembling gets an IP of

    16. This time we stay active with “Do “Additional Domain Controller for the Energy Domain” in the New Directory Wizard.

    17. On the next screen you will be asked to enter “data for accessing the network.” Enter the new primary user password for the domain administrator and / or (configured from the first DC). It should be “Administrator” and almost what you specified when creating the password. Enter your domain name as shown in step 3 above. For example, I am using “shogan used.local”.

    18. In my case, re-enter the subject (shogan.local) on the next screen.

    19. Complete the recovery using the setup wizard, as in the steps that are undoubtedly the first DC. It just includes showing folder logs, etc. I usually do the rest of the options with their default settings. After completing the configuration, you will be prompted to restart the server.

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    20. Immediately restart and log on with a domain administrator account. You should now have a specific fully functional secondary domain controller. Any changes you make to one of the Active Directory servers should now be replicated Are transferred to another domain controller.

    Here are images of each step of the installation process. Click on some thumbnails to view this version in a larger size. Free

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

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