There Was A Problem With Event ID 1238

Nov 29, 2021 English

This blog post will help you if you notice event ID 1238.

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    Event ID 1238
    Source Active Directory
    Description LDAP agent cannot open security provider% 1, error% 2.
    Event info This is a normal internal directory event. Internal events are displayed in Event Viewer only when there is no doubt that the default logging level has been changed. Most of the internal events are for informational purposes only. This event is logged whenever Active Directory is unable to initialize the network to process incoming LDAP requests.Make sure the relationship is set up correctly.
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    Windows Server 2012 R2. The server is not responding to LDAP requests. Users cannot connect to the resource server.

    When I look at the site’s logs, which were published on April 20 from 5 am (I don’t think there were any in the system at that time), I see this in each of our newspapers:

    Cannot find description for event ID 1202 from ADWS source. Either the component causing this issue is not installed on the local computer, or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the main component locally on your computer.

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    If the event occurred frequently from another computer, this view contained information that was not required for the event.

    However, we did not find any issues related to this disaster.

    Then this morning at around 9 a.m. we had a power outage and each of our servers restarted (backup battery failure, each type of problem separately). Then we had these connectivity issues and saw these latest logs:

    Could not find a description of thisAn isode with ID 1238 of the ADAM LDAP source [Instance1]. Either the aspect that triggers this event is actually installed locally on your computer, or the installation is corrupted. You have the opportunity to check a component for local computer.

    If the event occurs on another computer, the display previously contained information that should be recorded along with the entire event.

    event id 1238

    Initialize Connections
    Typically only one address for each connector (protocol / network address / port) is allowed.

    event id 1238

    We are seeing a number of inconsistencies in the availability of domains without a controller. Services displays the Active Directory domain and Federation Web Services, all of which are readable. AD LDS Instance 1 fails and won’t start (port definition error). It seems to me that AD DS and AD LDS each tries to bind to port 389. But why this sudden problem?

    I have almost no experience in this area and my IT professional is always there. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Id. De Evento 1238
    Идентификатор события 1238
    Identyfikator Zdarzenia 1238
    Gebeurtenis-ID 1238
    Ereignis-ID 1238
    Id Do Evento 1238
    이벤트 ID 1238
    Händelse-id 1238
    ID Evento 1238