The Best Way To Fix XP Error When Logging Into Windows

Feb 12, 2022 English

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    Here are a few simple steps that should help you solve your Windows XP logon problem. In computing, Winlogon (Windows Logon) is your current component of Microsoft Windows operating systems and is responsible for managing a secure sequence of actions, loading the PC operator profile at logon, and optionally locking the computer whenever a screen saver is running (requires additional authentication step).

    The Windows logon process is a complex system process that handles the exact Windows logon screen, user authentication, user profile logon, PC lock, and more.

    There are many issues with logging into Windows, but there are two that I’ve run into in many special cases.

    The process of connecting to Windows ended abruptly.


    STOP: c000021a Fatal error
    The Windows network connection process terminated unexpectedly with status 0xc0000034. Community closed.

    Depending on whether the client is receiving this Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows, and/or Server 2008 related error, there are several methods to resolve the issue. Basically, your Winlogon.exe or Csrss.exe process has crashed and the system has hung.

    At Rod, I will try to educate buyers about a few solutions that are documented Lost your effectiveness in the past to correct all these mistakes.

    Windows Server 2003/2008

    If you are running this error on a server, the build is most likely due to the following issues listed below. Scroll down if you’re having problems with Windows XP, Vista, or maybe 7.

  • Lack of system resources (disk space, memory, CPU)
  • Windows registry corrupted
  • Failed to start service
  • To check for missing system resources, check the amount of free disk space on the partition where Windows is installed. You can also open the Task Manager and go to the Performance tab to make sure the CPU is not being used at 100%. You can also check the available memory in Task Manager.

    If the registry window is corrupted, you will not be able to connect to this type of computer. In this case, try exiting Safe Mode, or using any recovery console, run the Startup Repair utility, which I will discuss below.

    If setup failsservice and this is the cause of this problem, you can click Start, Control Panel, Administrative Tools, then Event Viewer. Click on the system log and look for more white exclamation marks in the red command. This indicates a service or driver failure.

    Is winlogon exe a virus?

    winlogon.exe is a legitimate tactical file commonly known as the Windows NT logon application. It is equipped with the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Malware developers create personal virus script files and name each one with the winlogon.exe virus name to spread viruses over the Internet.


    To address the fundamental issue of resource constraints, owners can either free up disk space or disable certain organizations that are consuming large amounts of memory or CPU resources.

    You might want to read our previous article on how to disable Windows services using this particular Control Panel, or how to disable services using MSConfig.


    If your Windows registry is corrupted, you will need to use Startup Repair to fix it. You can do this by booting your own computer from CD/DVD and purchasing a repair computer of your choice.

    Then choose your awesome operating systemmu and just click “Next”. A list of possible system recovery options is displayed. Here you choose Startup Repair.

    PC running slow?

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    Startup Repair can automatically detect problems with your computer and try to fix them. After that, restart your computer and check if your issue is resolved.

    You can also use System Restore to repair a damaged PC registry. Go to Start, type systempropertiesprotection and press Enter. Click the system protection type tab, then click System during recovery.

    Click Choose a different restore point and click Next. Select a restore point where the electronics worked and click Next. After repairing the registry, restart your amazing computer.


    Finally, if the service does not start, you may need to start it manually by going to Startup Repair and typing services in .msc. In the Services dialog, find the usage, click itRight-click and select Start.

    Windows XP, Vista, 7

    If you connect one of these operating systems, your company may try several other solutions that often solve the problem.

    error windows logon process xp

    Last Known Good Configuration

    Restart your desktop computer and press F8 when it can boot. This will give you additional download options.

    This org/2000/svg’%20viewbox=’0%200%20450%20351’%3e%3c/svg%3e”> will surely help you solve problems with newly installed drivers that may not exist, are compatible with their native system.Windows


    If that doesn’t work, try reinstalling Windows. This is also the so-called repair installation. Basically, it replaces many of your system files but keeps most of your apps and data. After performing a repair, you will probably need to reinstall all Windows updates.

    How do I fix logon process initialization failure?

    Method 1: Install the KB2615701 patch from Microsoft.double Method. Replace LogonUI.exe from another computer.method or above. Enable the administrator account and apply the patch.Method 4: Restore the registry from a backup.

    You can refer to our previous article on how this helps with a repair installation (scroll down to the end of the article).

    GINA Library

    error windows logon process xp

    Often the Winlogon the.exe tactic fails due to a faulty GINA DLL that replaced the Microsoft draft version. The GINA DLL does all the authentication and identification when attached to a process.

    You can find out if the original file has been replaced by a third party by going to the following registry NTCurrentVersionWinlogon

    If key:

    Where should winlogon exe be located?

    The exact winlogon.exe file can be found in any C:WindowsSystem32 directory on your system. To make sure a real Windows login application is running, right-click it in Task Manager and select “Open Document Location”. The file manager should open and winlogon.exe will appear in the C:WindowsSystem32 directory.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows There is a master key named Gina DLL and its value is not equal to Msgina.dll, so the master DLL has been replaced by a third party program. If no solution exists at all, the system uses the default Msgina.dll.

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