Error: No Boot Disk Found Windows 8 Easy Fix Solution

Feb 21, 2022 English

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    Sometimes your computer may display a message that Windows 8 did not find a startup disk. There can be several reasons for this problem. If the connection is frequently interrupted between the computer and its hard drive/SSD in some way, the computer may not be able to access any boot information, resulting in the message “No bootable hard drive detected or DVD failed”. “. An error message is displayed on startup.

    When the computer boots, it checks the hard drive/SSD for boot information and the operating system, and thus uses the resulting information as a means to boot the operating system that has found the item on the disk. . However, if for some reason the computer cannot find a valid operating system and/or boot information on the hard drive/SSD, the following error message may appear on the screen:

    “Sneaker disk not found or failed.”

    Why does it say no boot disk has been detected?

    A faulty or broken hard drive/solid state drive is also a known cause for this error in the city. If there is no connection between your hard drive/SSD and your computer, this type of error may appear. If your HDD/SSD is facing internal errors during the boot process, you might also get this Boot Drive Not Recently Detected.

    Apparently, this design error appears when the affected person cannot find the knowledge load or operating system on their own hard drive/SSD. However, the affected computer would not be able to find the clogging or loading information and/or the operating system associatedwith its HDD/SSD, for various reasons – the computer’s HDD/SSD is not in proper contact, or the HDD fails or fails initially (yes, both HDDs, while SSDs can fail out of order at least intermittently) to a hard drive/solid state drive that consists of boot information not available through a computer boot transaction, or that the drive does not have good boot information as the operating system can be easily erased (either intentionally or as and most problems, unintentionally).

    How do I fix no bootable Windows 8?

    a) start the computerb) Keep pressing F2 until you see the human BIOS screen when the TV BIOS screen opens. b) Go to the BIOS Ring Settings page, go to the Boot Device Main Priority page, and select the hard drive from the first boot device.c) Press F10 to save the settings.

    However, whatever the reason, apart from this error message you are seeing in your case, here are some of the most effective solutions you can use to solve this problem:

    Decision #1. Make Sure Your Computer’s Hard Drive/solid State Drive Is Properly Connected

    How do you fix no boot disk has been detected?

    Usually bot The checkbox is placed first in the computer’s boot order in the BIOS.Replace your own hard disk drive (HDD)Install the Windows operating system correctly.Check connections between PC and hard drive.Run Automatic Repair/Start Repair.Run CHDSK.

    If the connection to the computer and its hard drive/SSD is somehow lost, the computer cannot accessit is accessed to obtain boot policies, resulting in the message “No disk found or disk is bad”. Error message during startup. To rule this out, simply open your computer case (this may require some care if you are dealing with a laptop), remove the drive from the computer and clean all connectors and ports, then insert the drive back into the PC and make sure all connections are secure somewhere. then in the middle. When you’re done, just start the netbook and see if the problem persists.

    Solution 2: Check If The Drive Is Bad

    Your own failing hard drive/SSD may be the cause of this leadership problem, especially since the error message itself indicates that the hard drive in the sneakers may not be working. To check if the hard drive/SSD has failed, it can connect to another already booted computer and check if you can access its content or not. However, if the HDD/SSD is still affected byIf there is a guarantee, you can send it to the manufacturer to check the product just in case.

    One Solution: Make Sure The Startup Disk Is At The Top Of My Computer’s Boot Order

    You may see the “No boot disk found, hard disk may have failed” error logo when booting because your mobile computing device is trying to boot from another source and cannot find most of the boot information instead of booting from the boot disk. If that’s what they claim to fix the problem, all you have to do is make sure the sneaker’s hard drive is at the top of your computer’s boot order. For this you need:

    1. Start your computer.
    2. The main screen you see when the device boots up prompts you how to press a certain key (in most cases it’s Del, F1 or F2) to enter the BIOS/Setup of your computer. Click on the specified postman to enter the BIOS.
    3. Find your snow command/structure in the corresponding BIOS. In most cases, load dominance is found inIt is found in the BIOS in the “Boot” section.
    4. Set the boot order so that most HDDs/SSDs i.e. boot information before many other sources.
    5. Exit the computer BIOS but keep the buttons you created before

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    Multiple Solutions: Reinstall Windows

    If none of the main solutions listed and described above worked for you, and you are sure that the affected computer’s boot disk has not failed, you may be suffering from this problem because certain operating system and/or boot information on the boot drive was somehow deleted (intentionally/unintentionally deleted by the participant or as a result of a number of other events).

    error no boot disk has been detected windows 8

    In this case, the best way to solve this problem is to perform a (clean) reinstall of Windows, for example. But keep in mind – clean access to any version of Windows will cut all or most of the links Any data stored on the hard disk/SSD of the destroyed computer. But at the end of the day, a working computer that doesn’t have any data is much better than just a computer that has all your data but doesn’t work. You can use this guide to fully install Windows 10, the latest and greatest version of the Windows operating system to date.

    error no boot disk has been detected windows 8

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