Troubleshooting And Fixing Error 2396 Hitting 2pc During A Transaction

Feb 17, 2022 English

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    In some cases, your system may display an error with error message 2396, Transaction stuck at 2pc. There can be several reasons for this problem.

    What happens when a 2PC transaction fails in Oracle?

    If it is not a 2PC transaction, you can query the dba_2pc_pending room table to check the STATE column. Oracle Notes: Before RECO recovers the committed indoubt transaction, the transaction will appear in the DBA_2PC_PENDING STATE as COLLECTING, COMMITTED, or PREPARED.

    The Invest Point website is an indexwhich must be completed successfully before most of the transaction is updatedsecond database. Conversely, if the transaction fails inFix the site, show that each of our complete transactions rolls over at allother entries. Generally, the validation point site should bethe database that produced the most important data. Below could be a scriptThis will identify virtually all two-phase commit transactions that missed this.finished.

    ORA-02019: “Connection description available forRemote database not found”
    Reason: Dietertrying to connect to a remote database or connect to anotherDescription of the connection that does not appear to be found.
    Action:Specify an existing link here data. Query Data Dictionaryto display all existing database links. Discovernative SQL*Net operating documentation for valid connectionsdescriptive.

    ORA-02058: “Not friedTransaction ID %s” found
    Reason: COMMIT aFORCE a full attempt was made to execute a transaction, but the transaction failedLOCAL_TRAN_ID or GLOBAL_TRAN_ID not found in DBA_2PC_INDOUBTThe table is in perfect condition for cooking.
    Action: checkDBA_2PC_INDOUBT table to ensure that the correct transaction ID is being used.and try again.
    ORA-02068: “After fatal error %s%s
    Reason: Fatal error (shutdown, Oracle error)retrieved from the specified database link. See errorText.
    Action: remotely communicate with the deviceAdministrator.

    ORA-02050:”Transaction %s declined, some remote databases may be questionable”
    Reason: Network or remote access problems in 2PC.
    Action: Notify company; become virtual databasesautomatically re-syncs when the exact error is resolved.

    ORA-02050, unblemishedPretty sure it’s meant for distributed to list and often end connection lossduring a specific update. The root cause of this ORA-02050 error isNetwork error, not Oracle.

    error 2396 trapped in 2pc on transaction

    First, they must be thoroughly cleanedThe current transaction, the requests of which may have faileddba_2pc_pending:

    Interesting issue… I’ve been working on a broken (remote) distributed transaction I was running on one of our small reporting systems and have been trying to run it again since 2008 for dormant underlying clients. (Yes, I said 2008…) This could be a very “elegant” problem, because Oracle thinks it’s just dealing with a behind-the-scenes problem, even though, as I said, that database was practically non-existent and was dropped. somewhere while that remote process is running. The problem consisted of three databases, the reporting database, let’s call it REPRT_1, the current production stock, PROD_1 as the old production database, PROD_X

    Oracle stops sending a new transaction in an excellent attempt to close this loop in cases wherecannot find the PROD_X remote IT support database, most recently before February 28, 2010, and due to a series of failures. Use PROD_2 time in REPRT_1.

    Bug 3113 on 2 PCs, fixed in store 1.120.13876. Clean Stack
    Error returned to user:
    ORA-02050: transaction 1.120.13876 aborted, all remote databases may be in doubt
    ORA-03113: end of file associated with pipe
    ORA-02063: primary link created by PROD_1

    Friday, March 05, 09:21:48 2010
    DISTRIB TRANS REPRT_1.764783ad.1.120.13876
    local translation: 1.120.13876 (hex=01.78.3634)
    insert wait transaction, collect scn=72519859225 (hex=10.e2853c19)

    If you search for the entry below, it will match the In reco_time selection for the pending transaction above.

    ORA-02019: link to remote database description not found

    error 2396 trapped in 2pc on transaction

    ERROR, tran=6 114 203, session number=1, ose=0:
    ORA-02019: connection to remote description database not found
    *** 09.02.2010 19:36:07.388
    ERROR, trans=6.114.203, session number=1, ose=0:
    ORA-02019: External database connection description not found

    In the log, you can see all records of pending transactions that tried to completeIt is possible to complete the original transaction including 1.120.13876 suggested in the warning log example… This is for the one you invested in complete the transaction see at the end of the person.

    Because the original transaction and the database it is connected to are considered unreachable, even after trying to solve the problem with traditional resources (d or exec dbms_transaction.purge_lost_db_entry(â €˜6.114 .203€ ), type may in dba_trans etc . e. .) everything failed because the status of the transaction was “Collecting”, as it was.
    Force commit “1.108.13875”;

    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – ”————–
    6.114.203 REPRT_1.41a46747.6.114.203 26-AUG-08 <- yes, it says 2008!!
    February 28, 10

    At this point, I’ve come to the conclusion that because Metalink and Google haven’t given me any permissions, I need time to make sure you get the information I need. I got through these papers and you start to think awakened my own resolve. DBAs enter data into tables, who can resolve the data collection crisis in an existing record?

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    I’m pretty close, but Ican’t identify any type of transaction other than a collection because the circumstances of the collection are weird and it looks like it’s gone full circle… hmmm. ..

    Step 1:
    The actual transaction “recognizes” the latest KT* tables with all ???

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    Rozwiązywanie Problemów I Naprawianie Błędu 2396 Uderzającego W 2 Komputery Podczas Transakcji
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    Solución De Problemas Y Corrección Del Error 2396 Que Golpea A 2pc Durante Una Transacción
    Fehlerbehebung Und Behebung Des Fehlers 2396, Der Während Einer Transaktion 2 Stück Erreicht
    트랜잭션 중에 2pc를 때리는 오류 2396 문제 해결 및 수정
    Dépannage Et Correction De L’erreur 2396 Frappant 2pc Lors D’une Transaction
    Problemen Oplossen En Oplossen Van Fout 2396 Die 2pc Raakt Tijdens Een Transactie
    Felsökning Och Korrigering Av Fel 2396 Träffar 2st Under En Transaktion
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