Steps To Remove Concurrent Sessions In Windows XP Problem

Dec 16, 2021 English

Hope if you’ve enabled concurrent sessions in Windows XP on your computer, this guide may help you.

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    On a Windows XP-based computer, log into the report as an administrator and go to the Start menu.Click the Change Input or Output Method button and select the Use splash screen check box if it is not selected.

    Enabling Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions In Windows XP

    How do I enable multiple remote desktop connections in Windows XP?

    In the Group Policy window, expand Computer Configuration, expand Administrative Templates, expand Windows Components, and then expand Terminal Services in the left pane. In the right pane, double-click Limit connections and specify the number of remote desktop demos.

    I had a really nice problem lately where someone upgraded every Windows 2003 computer to XP, one session at a time.

    enable concurrent sessions in windows xp

    I need to overcome this together and find a solution. But I also searched several times, found solutions.

    • Concurrent Terminal Services (RDP) sessions under Windows Usually XP!

    Does Windows XP Support Network Level Authentication?

    For Windows XP to use NLA, it must first be upgraded to SP3. Also, I have to suggest that RDP c. there are many more updates to install as they offer all the NLA features for the game.

    Windows XP only allows one remote restore connection via RDP (current local account must be disabled!). However, there are several ways to work around this limitation:

    How do I setup multiple RDP sessions?

    Double-click Restrict Remote Desktop Services Users to identify one actual Remote Desktop Services session and set it to Disabled. Then double-click Limit Number of Connections and set the maximum number of connections allowed for RD to 999999. You can also set the limit to 2, which allows only two sessions to be allowed.

    Free (these are essentially the same instructions, but each with a lot of comments and impressions):

    • Simultaneous definitions Private Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows XP SP2
    • Windows XP Multi-User Remote Desktop
    • Enabling Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows XP Professional and Media Center Edition 2005
    • Patch for Terminal Server (instead of this tutorial, the package company does the same)
    • XP Unlimited turns your Windows system into a complete terminal server without any restrictions. Multiple, countless concurrent remote universal desktop sessions. Contains web servers for browser access.
    • WinConnect Server XP allows a Windows Small Business Server 2003 or Windows XP workstation to allow up to 11 Remote Desktop sessions. Always,

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    how to use at your own risk (and for fun). Before discussing any of these options (especially for a production environment), you may want to contact Microsoft about potential accreditation issues.

    How do I enable more than 2 concurrent RDP sessions?

    To properly enable multiple concurrent RDP sessions, you must install the Remote Desktop Services Session Host role on your server. After setting the role, your company can immediately hostmultiple RDP sessions.

    I chose to enable Remote Desktop Sessions for the printer as shown:

    • Enable Multiple Remote Desktop Sessions in Windows XP Professional and Media Center Edition 2005
    1. Print these opportunities so you have people to work with.
    2. Restart your computer in Safe Mode. Follow this link to learn how to restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
    3. Disable / disable Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) including Terminal Services.
    1. Right-click My Computer.
    2. Select Properties
    3. Click the Remote Access tab
    4. at the top of the window.

    5. Uncheck “Allow users to connect to this computer remotely”
    6. Click OK.
    7. Select “Start” -> “Control Panel” -> “Administrative Tools” -> “Services”.
    8. Find Terminal Services in the list.
    9. Right-click Terminal Services and select Properties.
    10. On the Startup Type form, select the Disabled option.
    11. Click OK to close the window.

    · You then replace the current version of the Terminal Services DLL (termsrv.dll) with the unrestricted version of the earlier version of Terminal Services.

    1. Here is a copy with this Terminal Services DLL – save it to your desktop or another convenient place.
    2. In your own file manager, such as Windows Explorer, open C: Windows system32 dllcache
    3. Rename termrv.dll termrv_dll to .bak or whatever you like.
    4. Copy the resulting termrv.dll folder (which you just downloaded from the Internet) to C: Windows system32 dllcache
    5. Open the C: Windows system32
    6. folder.

    7. Delete the visible termrv.dll file C: Windows system32

    · I can now edit the Windows registry by enabling more than one RDP hyperlink. Go to Start -> Run and type regedit – I hope you understand

    Add a DWORD key named EnableConcurrentSessions and set this item to 1

    enable concurrent sessions in windows xp

    Select Start -> Run and type gpedit.msc to launch the Group Policy Editor

    · Go to Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Terminal Services and abort the number of connections.

    · Click the “Activated” button and enter the number of connections you want to activate … at least two.

    Click the Remote

    tab in each of our top windows.

    InstallCheck “Allow operators to connect to this important computer remotely”

    · Go to Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. Select Terminal Services from the list by double clicking on it or right clicking -> Properties. Tune the beginner’s guide to a wide range.

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