Help Fix Diablo 3 Connection Error Error 3005

Jan 19, 2022 English

You may see an error message about Diablo 3 error 3005 login. By the way, there are different ways to solve this problem, which we will talk about now.

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    kizee #1569 Getting error 3005/3007 when logging in (1) Category: Technical Support9. February 2014 02:10 AM PST (8 years ago) So when I think back to yesterday, I got the first 3007 error when logging in, and sometimes there is an error 3005 (error getting license somewhere), getting the list of heroes fails.

    I think the problem is on Blizzard’s side because me and my girlfriend have Diablo 3 devices and we were on the same LAN and she can also log into her account fully, this affects me online (in menu) and also when I try to login as part of that also shows Me in Ones next to you (but of course I get the error I get on the main friends network (but probably not on the normal “friends” tab).

    diablo 3 error 3005 login

    Also, all the necessary prts for my laptop are open on my router, but none of their computers are open. so i don’t know if those are really ports.

    I was able to create a character and run the game. >#1815. Maybe

    Interim 2012 missing when getting hero checklist error 3006 i.e. H after HR error 37

  • #1915. May 2012

    Because when I am alone I get this error. He registered today after a mega spam. The number of connection attempts can be limited either from certain IP addresses or inside the condominium router. Reboot the router, this solved all the problems for me.

    diablo 3 error 3005 login

    -Soul Thief

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