How To Fix Crusader Kings 2 Autosave Startup Error

Jan 15, 2022 English

You may encounter an error saying Crusader Kings 2 autosave failed at runtime. As it turns out, there are a number of steps you can take to fix this issue, so we’ll do that now.

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  • Step 1: Download and install the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Open the program and click on "Restore PC"
  • Step 3: Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the restoration process
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    What about XP? My system is running XP.

    It’s more complicated, but if you have 3 GB or more left, this might work:

    – Go to this and “Boot Recovery” section and go to “Settings”

    – In the “Startup” element, click “Edit”. It should automatically start Notepad and show Windows starting. ini

    PC running slow?

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    – Under “Operating Systems”, put [COLOR=”#00FF00″]/3GB/Userva=2560[/color] at the end of a specific line containing /fastdetect

    crusader kings 2 runtime error autosave

    – Don’t forget to save your changes, especially Notepad and any open dialog boxes.

    Is there a way to put this manual, with most of the DLC I paid for, on CD so I don’t need an internet connection to start, play and keep playing? I wish you could have it and not worry about STEAM.

    You don’t need a CD. Just exit Steam and double click ck2game.exe and the game will start normally. All you can’t get without Steam is MP Game and Ironman No (i.e. achievements). It may or may not help you with memory problems.

    Publish With Glob 23. April 2019 0:33:23 GMT

    For some reason, corruption always saves me. I don’t apply other mods during a heavy ck2 reinstall. The mod works very well with no extra crashes. However, 150-175 years of information has passed since the launch of the game, and it is only saved when I row. I boasted that I dropped 5-10, which eliminates the headache, but this will soon happen again. I’ve tried changing the game’s autosave duration and turning autosave off completely back to save info, but that didn’t help.

    Has anyone found a solution? I can provide additional information that you may find helpful.

    Edit: I have installed and run all major DLCs. I remember that I didn’t have this problem with vanilla flavored CK2

    checksum: MVMD
    mod version: 1.9.1
    ck2 version: 3.1.0

    Win10 64bit
    i7 -6770k
    Nvidia 1070
    16GB ddr4

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    Message From Ulrik 26. April 2019 12:40:22 GMT

    This issue is due to some scripts or business launches on January 1st. You can avoid them by keeping December 31st, updating your file backups, and changing the day to January 2nd in subsequent years. Registration works properly until February 1.

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    All From Zeuxippe 27. Publish Apr 2019 10:45:52 GMT

    I’m having the same issue, not to mention it’s probably NOT a memory usage issue as I have 8GB of RAM on Windows 10 64-bit and have tried everything that comes with with the purchase, has more RAM, even the swap space information has been increased to twice its original size. Also, I don’t get any read errors, the game just closes. I’ve only used this mod once (as I always have to do at the beginning of a season) and I don’t remember having any issues.This level of quality, even though my old computers weren’t as fast as they are now. Sure, you’ve closed every time after a few decades, but the game has never directly yelled at me for trying to save money on the market. I started imagining new games if they happen again, and they did. Due to my slow playstyle, I can’t even make King until my saves are effectively disabled, and hence this essentially means it’s unplayable, the least of my worries.

    I also did NOT try to check if this task is running. will work in vanilla as I’m not really interested in playing it to get the mod, but I will if need be.

    Published By Zeuxippe 27. 12:06:01 April 2019 GMT

    Yes. The online game only crashes when I try to save OR when I try to help load a save before the checksum is fully loaded. Very It is useful to animate the load with a visible checksum.

    A Message From Azrael 27. April 2019 21:25:47 GMT

    Script or Burning reason for January 1 because of those very problems. This can be avoided by saving on December 31st, editing any saved file, and changing the date and time to January 2nd of the next year. The entry will work fine until January 1 next year.

    So I turned autosave off myself.

    Message From Ulrik 28. April 2019 06:04:17 GMT

    Of course why can I disable autosave myself.

    Ok. But this is something that is not at all relevant to questions that help autosaves. Something happenedruns on January 1st and the game crashes on every save, but if you avoid that date, sometimes you can save quickly, automatically, or normally without any problems. And the most interesting thing is that the bug can disappear in many places.

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    crusader kings 2 runtime error autosave

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    Salvamento Automático Do Erro De Tempo De Execução Do Crusader Kings 2
    Crusader Kings 2 Ошибка выполнения Автосохранение
    Crusader Kings 2 Runtime-fout Automatisch Opslaan
    Crusader Kings 2 런타임 오류 자동 저장
    Crusader Kings 2 Tiempo De Ejecución Error Autoguardado
    Crusader Kings 2 Laufzeitfehler Beim Automatischen Speichern
    Crusader Kings 2 Runtime Error Autosave
    Salvataggio Automatico Dell’errore Di Runtime Di Crusader Kings 2
    Crusader Kings 2 Automatyczne Zapisywanie Błędów W Czasie Wykonywania
    Crusader Kings 2 Erreur D’exécution Enregistrement Automatique