Age Of Conan Failed To Start Rendering Subsystem Easy Fix Solution

Feb 22, 2022 English

PC running slow?

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    Over the past few days, some users have encountered the notorious age of Conan error code where the rendering subsystem would not start. This issue occurs due to a number of factors. We will discuss this below.

    This is usually a sign that you are using XP and especially DX10. If you are using Vista and later, make sure you have the latest version of Direct X

    Steam updates DirectX on first launch, but it needs to be updated again as I have no problem playing other games online :S

    age of conan failed to initiate rendering subsystem

    I have this problem too, basically closing the window and restarting part of the game until the screen goes back to normal…


    PC running slow?

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    I had the same problem, but somehow I solved it. I essentially like 10 minutes. ^^

    As for the options, go into the bootloader and say to use the correct version in DX (it was the default DX9 that caused this error, and switching to DX10 finally fixed it). When you created the small screen, I found quite a few uses for Alt + Enter, it worked well as I could access all the options and set it to full screen.

    Had the same error but is currently working ! I Go would do: Change the settings in Game Launcher Direct X from 9 to 10. It will launch in minimized mode, then press Alt+Enter twice and the program will run


    I had the same problem on windows 10 dx12 and. Looking through the options and switching from DX9 to DX10 worked for me. Just like Alt + Enter twice. Thanks for the specific help.

    Confirm: In the settings, open the interface, the right side is at the bottom. . .DX9 .actually .DX10 .. LEFT side down, APPLY

    and a screen the size of real bubble gum Alt=”:steamhappy:”  :steamhappy: :steamhappy:

    Then the ERS page popup was BLACK LOL LOL

    I had good results after using the troubleshooter to fix each of our options and apps within an hour

    age of conan failed to initiate rendering subsystem

    What can you say about the characteristics of your computer? Have you updated DirectX too? If not, go to for the latest March release.What product, I think.

    Unfortunately, this error message usually means that your graphics card does not meet the minimum system requirements to play Age of Conan. If you’re only trying to launch the game from one, that’s almost certainly the case. You can check the system requirements on the game box or on their own website.

    If you think your card should meet the minimum system requirements, you may have the correct drivers installed to use it. If you have purchased standard plug and play Windows truck drivers and do not have the manufacturer’s drivers installed for your cards (such as those from ATI or NVIDIA), you may also see this particular error.

    If you’ve done everything I said above and you’re still getting all the error messages, it most likely means that your DVD is not technically suitable to run Age of Conan on the market.

    .. …. .- 3 ). – .-. — .-.. .-.. … .– …. — .-. . . .–. —.-. 4 . .-.-.-

    God, I pray this message doesn’t require me to be SOL!

    Please, can someone give a clear message?Color? I keep getting this message when you need to try to launch the game: P

    Please can someone give me a clear way to do this? I always get a message when I need to try and launch a certain game: P

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    Age Of Conan Misslyckades Med Att Initiera Renderingsundersystemet
    Age Of Conan Nie Uruchomił Podsystemu Renderowania
    Age Of Conan N’a Pas Réussi à Lancer Le Sous-système De Rendu
    Age Of Conan No Pudo Iniciar El Subsistema De Renderizado
    Age Of Conan Non è Riuscito Ad Avviare Il Sottosistema Di Rendering
    Age Of Conan Konnte Das Rendering-Subsystem Nicht Starten
    Age Of Conan이 렌더링 하위 시스템을 시작하지 못했습니다.
    Age Of Conan Kan Weergavesubsysteem Niet Starten
    Age Of Conan не удалось запустить подсистему рендеринга
    Age Of Conan Falhou Ao Iniciar O Subsistema De Renderização