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Jan 30, 2022 English

PC running slow?

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    In this user guide, we will identify some possible causes that can cause error 00920, and then I will describe possible solutions to this problem. ORA-00920: Invalid relational operator hint due to invalid relational person. The official Oracle documentation states that the cause is due to a search term entered with a single invalid or missing relational operator.






    PC running slow?

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    ORA-00920, Invalid Rational Statement, Mapping Profile, User Preview in Mapping Profile, KBA, LOD-SF-LMS-ASP, Mapping Profile, LOD-SF-LMS-COR, LMS Core – Items, Catalog, Tutorial program, Procedure


    The following device error is generated by clients when trying to view users selected for a powerful attribution profile.

    The likely reason for the following error is that the same value was mentioned twice in the attribution profile rules configuration. For example, below writing an article is related to the rules.

    Therefore, if you then try to successfully view the users in the target profile, a complete error will occur.

    Once you select “Preview in User Attribution Profile”, the previous error will be gone forever.

    00920 error

    [“Business Unit”: “Code”: “BU055”, “Label”: “Cognitive Applications”, “Product”: “Code”: “SS9NUN”, “Label”: “Maximo Asset Management Scheduler”, “Component” : “”,”ARM category”:[],”platform”:[“code”:”PF025″,”label”:”Platform independent”],”Version”:”752″,”Edition”:”” ,”Industry”:”code”:”LOB02″,”label”:”AI applications”]

    APAR Status

  • Closed Due To Learning Errors.

    How do you fix an invalid relational operator?

    To catch this error, include a strict comparison operator, such as =, ! implies , ^=, <>, >, <, >=, <=, ALL, ANY, [NOT] BETWEEN, EXISTS, [NOT] IN, IS [NOT] NULL, possibly [NOT] LIKE in a condition. Don't forget to useUse the comparison operator in the where clause.

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  • What is the meaning of invalid relational operator?

    invalid relational operator” occurs when setting the WHERE clause in a SAS® Data Integration Studio SQL connection transformation. When creating a connection, the system condition in the SQL connection could easily call one of the actual statements to select the data wrong.

    Oracle Exception "ORA-00920: bad relationaltrigger statement" in the schedulerEnvironment :WAS + IFIX20150331Scheduler build 20130903Linux 3.0.101-0.15Oracle 11.2 (Oracle 11g Enterprise Release Edition Fixed issue.Replication steps:1. Log in as "Maxadmin" user.2. Go to Preventive Maintenance -> Preventive Maintenance andPressClick the Save Query button, then click the current Save Query button.3. Create a new request without conditions andClick OK:4. Click the Save Query button, then click the View/Manage button.Additional"Sit".5. Modify the above query using the following where clause:Status <> 'INACTIVE') Change date structure6. Click OK7. Run the saved query builder and verify that it returns correctly toorderList of POUs (if the modification date attribute did not always exist,study ofcould just order by priority)8. Go to "Planning and Scheduling" -> "Scheduler" and create a new one.Hourly9. In the Edit Requests section, click Copy Request.button andSelect the PM request created in step 5.10.Press the SAVE button. Error message belowstated:BMXAT0050E - Failed to insert project entry into scheduler.tablesrepresent xxxx. See Maximo for more informationlog (in your application's computer directory) or refer tosystemAdministrator.BMXAT0048E - Actions not completed. For moreInformation,Check the Your Maximo log file (in the application server directory)Wherecontact your method administrator.ORA-00920: Invalid comparison operator.Planner A l3 legal creation of APAR.
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  • What are relational operators in SQL?

    A relational agent is a syntax element that can take one or more known or unnamed input parameters and return a result set. Comparison operators are used as a table source in your own DML statement. SQL Server implements our own following relational operators: OPENDATASOURCE (Transact-SQL)

    ************************************************** ******* * ************************************* AFFECTED USERS: ** MAXIMO USERS ******************************************************** ******************************* DESCRIPTION OF THE PROBLEM: ** Oracle exception is "ORA-00920: invalid comparison operator" ** Migration is triggered by the scheduler if the copy request contains a group-by clause ******************************************************** ******************************* RECOMMENDATION : ** Apply the Core Services fix pack version or **intermediate landing******************************************************** ******************************

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    Error 00920
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